Our pricing guidelines:

We negotiate individually with each customer, taking into account the circumstances and features of the company. No two companies are the same. There can be a diversity of requirements, activities and amount of processed documents.

Base price: 100.000 HUF/month + VAT

Our base price is considering the following criteria:

We know from experience that there is no such thing as a “sleeping” company. Even if there is only a minimal revenue-generating activity, the “zero” must be declared in time (VAT, Communal tax, corporate tax, etc.), chamber of commerce contribution must be paid annually, year-end accounts must be prepared. The equity structure can fall into negative, classic tax issues can arise, and even tax investigations can be launched against the company. Our base price includes representation before the tax authorities.

The factors that can modify the base price are, without being exhaustive, the following:

  • nature and sector of activity

  • whether the activity is subject to VAT, generally exempt or mixed

  • monthly average of outgoing invoices (both cash and bank transfer)

  • monthly average of incoming invoices (both cash and bank transfer)

  • whether you have opted for an individual VAT exemption

  • whether the company is subject to KIVA, KATA taxing model

  • its transactions are domestic and/or intra-EU and/or non-EU

  • monthly, quarterly or annual VAT declarations

  • number of employees

  • pay structure, staff turnover (whether there is a cafeteria, night shift premium, performance-related salary, etc.)

  • HR tasks other than payroll (attendance sheets, vacation registers, etc.)

  • annual revenue (for reasons of financial responsibility)

  • whether you require monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual profit and loss accounts, reporting and data (if so, in what language)

  • whether cost centre accounting is required

  • frequency of personal consultation (daily, weekly, monthly, annual)

  • number of branches, sites, shops

  • whether there is an obligation to declare tax on a company car

  • external reporting requirements e.g., because of bank credit, leasing etc.

  • any other information or requirements relevant to the accountant

We can give you a quotation if we have the above information. Our pricing policy is based on the mutual win-win principle.


Our payroll fees are determined by the complexity of the payroll task. We distinguish between the following categories:

Normal category: 4.500 HUF/person/month + VAT

Normal category with cafeteria supplements: 4.900 HUF/person/month + VAT

Complicated category: 5.500 HUF/person/month + VAT

Includes cases of property rented out, salary by working hours, shift premium.

Simplified employees (one-day workers according to the corresponding law): 4.500 HUF/person/month + VAT (multiple monthly declarations of one person count as one)

1.950 HUF + VAT per person and month in the case of a change of temporary-employment agency (the check-in and check-out counts as one)

Megbízó hibájából elvégzett önellenőrzési munkadíj: 10.000 Ft + áfa/óra


Tax consultancy:

10.000-50.000 HUF/hour + VAT

The above hourly rate is determined according to the gravity, complexity, urgency of the specific matter and the number of staff involved.

Company structure consultancy starting from 250.000 Ft + VAT.


Dissolutions, change of business entity:

Our starting price is 390.000 HUF + VAT, which may vary depending on the internal structure and complexity of the company (equity structure, ownership loans, ownership structure, etc.). It is important to note that the involvement of a lawyer or an auditor may be necessary, their fees and the fees of the authorities are not included in the price.


Other information

Our office does not provide accounting services for condominiums, self-employed persons and “private persons with tax ID”.

All companies must have a responsible. This can be a financial colleague or even the manager him- or herself, in every case, we can only work with what they provide us. We are an accountancy office, but we cannot work instead of the owners or managers.

No matter how well prepared we are, if we do not receive the receipts on time or if they arrive at our office irregularly and incompletely, we cannot deliver quality work on time. There is a risk that deadlines will be missed, which leads to self-revisions.  It also means an unjustified increase in work for us, which we are forced to add to the price. If we find that the work with a customer is faltering and cannot run smoothly, we are unfortunately forced to terminate the cooperation.