Office life beyond work – or relaxation in the office


We spend a little more than a third of our working days in the office. Every day, our colleagues are doing their best to overcome the constant professional challenges. Bookkeeping, accounting and negotiating are exhausting mental work. We try to break up the monotony of everyday life with the following events.

Birthday gift packs – to show attention

Most of our forever young colleagues are ladies, so we don’t talk about birthdays for the sake of respect. However, the dates of our saint’s days are an open secret!

Foosball table – for short breaks

When the pressure becomes too much and one needs somewhere to cool down, when one has completed a challenge and needs to kick back for a while, we head for the foosball table. In pairs of two, three or four, we’ll relax and recharge completely, concentrating solely on the ball, and get away from it all, so that 15 minutes later we can get back to work, refreshed and with a clear mind.

Team building programmes – for the TEAM

Sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes of retreat. It could be a cinema together, organised by colleagues, or a cocktail at the end of a tiring day. Or once a year, a whole-day retreat for everyone where anything will be spoken of, except accounting. For example, a “movie production” in Etyek, conflict management training with comedians Attila Magyar and Steve Hajdú, go-karting, escape games, bowling, competitive “chair-folding”. And when we’re sufficiently exhausted from these activities, we end the day with a delicious dinner, only to smile for months afterwards at the photos and videos we’ve taken.

Fruit days – for our health

Monday and Wednesday. Bananas, mandarins, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, apples, and other seasonal fruits. Twice a week, a grocery store near our office delivers the freshest fruit to our doorstep, which the colleagues are free to enjoy. And the quantity is just right: enough fruit for every day of the week to keep our immune system in good shape.

A Christmas feast – to round off the year

In December, on our last working day in the office of the year, we evaluate the past year over lunch, dessert and (kid) champagne, thank each other for our efficient teamwork and wish each other a great holiday and a good rest for the year.

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